How To Add Your Business To TBPW Business Directory


To add your business to the Public Business Directory, you need to be a Member of TBPW and you must be Logged Into your memebership account.

    1. You will need to login to your TBPW Account by clicking My Account.
    2. Once you have logged in you will be taken to your Dashboard.  Click on Add My Directory Listing.
    3. On the Resulting Page you will be directed to the Business Directory Form that will allow you to add your information. Highly suggest you have all your information ready to go to add to the Business Directory, so you do not have to make multiple updates unnecessarily. You will need your pictures (up to 5), video, and all your content that tells about your business.
      One Important Note please make sure you place your Business name BEFORE your Real Name and divide the two with the vertical hash (“pipe”) found on your keyboard. This simple formatting trick will allow your name or your company name to be found every time someone searched for you in the directory. It will be changed to this format no matter what you put in to make the directory consistant and usable.
      Example: KartHost | Gail Randolph
    4. Product & Services Categories – Next select the category(s) which your service or product is identified by this will allow for faster searching for your services by visitors visiting TBPW Business Directory.
    5. Special Note about Address: A) Place the address of your business in the the blank field under Address. B) Then click on the ‘Find on map’ button. (Alternatively you can location a position on the map (zoom in on the map if you have too) and then click the ‘Get from map’ button and the location you found on the map address will be placed in the blank white field above the map). C) Your Address you select will show up as a marker on the map. NOTE: If you do not wish to show your address, then just type in the town/area you are located, like for an example “Tomball, TX”
    6. Contact Info – Provide the information you would like fellow TBPW Members and the general public to contact you.. These will be listed in your directory listing as forms of contact.
      Correct Formatting for email is as follows: [email protected]
      Correct Formatting for a Web Address is as follows: Start out with http:// (or https:// if your web page is secure) Then followed by the URL, aka web address, like for an example:
    7. Special Note about Social Accounts (Social Media): You have the option to add the listed Social Media properties to your account and we highly suggest you add as many as you have accounts. Go to your social media property Image A) and copy the FULL URL out of your web browsers address window and Image B) paste in the provided fields as shown in the examples images below for a business Facebook page:

    8. Body – This is where the “meat” of listing will be, that will tell all about you and your business.HINT: Do not just focus on your business but tell the audience about you as well.You can have “hyper links” to other pages on the internet, use key word text and link that text to either you personal page or a specific page on your web site. Example: Let’s say you have fruit and vegetable stand and you have a page on your site about yellow bananas. A) Well highlight “yellow bananas” and click the B) little globe with a green arrow pointing to the right and then place in the actual web address (URL) to that page. C)That will provide you with a valuable “back link” that will help with your web page search engine optimization (SEO).


  1. Watch my Video – Add and YouTube Video or Vimeo Video about your Business and/or Yourself.
  2. PhotosPREPARE YOUR PHOTOS BEFORE YOU UPLOAD THEM! (see Tip Below) Hope that was clear.
    The maximum file size of a photo is 2 MB (2048 KB), and we can only upload .gif, .jpeg, .jpg & .png images, (sorry no PDF files), if you attempt to upload another file format extension or your photo/image is larger than 2 MB your photo/image will not upload. And you will receive a Error message that your file is either to large or you are attempting to upload the wrong file format (extension).
     PLEASE NOTE:Even if you can upload a 2 MB file (Image below will show 1 MB), you should try to avoid it at all cost. Consider those on cell phones that have limited data plans larger pictures will “eat up” more of their data plan. Plus your directory will load quicker with the file size of your images being as small as possible.Recommended Width of image: Width no wider than 350 pixels.To Upload an image click the “Choose Files” button and upload the file from your computer or device you are using.
    The last image below will show show what a successful upload will look like.TIP: The FIRST IMAGE you load up is the image that will be used as the picture to the left of your text.
    TIP 2: If you need to resize your image (which will automatically resize the file size) I recommend either of these online tools to help you out: 1st is TinyPng Here is the direct link The 2nd is called WebResizer. Here is the direct link  For your Business listing page I would HIGHLY recommend your images be no wider than 350 pixels so just select  350 (or less) on the “New Size” when using the tool.Other Online Tools for Images: These two sites will not allow you to change the physical size (width and height) but it does an awesome job of lowering the actual file size and keeping quality at a high level. For JPG images go to and for PNG files (NOT PDF) go to: www.TinyPNG.comAnother great resize tool is the Free file resize is located on this page: but with the free version you cannot change the physical size just the file size.  You will need to purchase the Pro version. If you plan on working with pictures for the web, a good investment.
    Trouble Uploading? I have found an intermittent issue if you are using the Chrome Browser (not 100% sure it is related to Chrome) if you attempt to upload the correct size image in one of the allowed formats, the system will say “Forbidden” or some other non-standard Error. If this is the case, go ahead and Submit your listing without loading any pictures, then close your web browser and try again and it should work. Also try another web browser as well.