2018-Scholarship Winners share lunch with TBPW

TBPW 2018 Scholarship Winners

At our meeting today we welcomed all our 2018 Scholarship Winners and their families. We had a packed house enjoying a wonderful meal prepared by Frye’s Backyard Cafe.

As the girls were eating we gave them a few things to be thinking about as they are about to be leaving and on their own in a few months.  First, they heard from Gail Randolph with KartHost on the best way to formulate a STRONG Password and sent them off with a free eBook “What is a Strong Password?”. Be sure to download it and start making your accounts harder to access.

The girls, moms, and dads were enlighted by the new tax laws going into effect this year (2018) by one of TBPW’s Past Presidents,  Lori Klien Quinn of Klein Wealth Management. She gave us all things we need to consider as business owners of the items we will and more won’t be able to write off at the end of the year.

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